July 1st, 2005



OK...I'm getting sorely tempted. Prices taken from newegg.com, not counting shipping, and only the RAM is part of a special sale.

$100: Antec Aria micro ATX case
$ 79: ECS RS480-M micro ATX socket 939 mobo w/onboard ATI gfx
$146: Athlon 64 3000 CPU
$ 90: Samsung SP1614C 160 GB SATA 150 hard drive
$116: Corsair XMS 1 GB (2 * 512M) DDR400 RAM

$531: total

The motherboard has three PCI slots, and a PCI Express x 16 slot if one gets the urge to upgrade the graphics. If I had a gripe, it would be that it's old SATA, not the twice-as-fast SATA II.

UPDATE: Oops. I forgot a CD/DVD burner. That would push it up to around $600.

UPDATE #2: I've created a wish list at newegg.com, and the total, including a CD/DVD/DVD dual layer burner, is $550.86. The RAM is only $87.85, I have a few prices rounded up a buck or so, and the DVD burner is going for $50.
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