June 26th, 2005


Fun with DVD burning

OK...I was having trouble with the Ubuntu box, and thought that perhaps reinstalling and then once again bringing things up to date would help. Step One: backing up. That's what I got the DVD burner for, right?

All went well...I thought. The burns went without complaint, and looking over the top level or so of the burned DVDs showed nothing wrong.

Hoary Hedgehog reinstalled without a hitch. Now a little drag and drop action will get my files back into place...I thought.

Once the copy started retrying dozens of times and then giving the Nautilus equivalent of "abort, retry, ignore" for each file starting around file number 33,000+ of 36,000+, I no longer thought that. When the same thing happened on all the files with photos I took at the 2005 Jubilee Olde English Faire [sic], I was quite thoroughly disabused of that notion.

Repeated attempts, including using other DVD drives, seem to have gotten me back the vast majority of what I thought I'd lost, and a prior backup should recover almost all the rest.

So, the $64 question: was the problem the media, the burner, or something else? The media were no-name DVDs rated at 4x...and the possibly overenthusiastic DVD burner/software thought it could do 6x. Hmmm.

Grumble, grumble. Lesson learned. Now to get back to reinstalling stuff, and praying that I can get one of nVidia's !@#$!@#%! proprietary drivers to work with this card that was supposed to have been an easy upgrade, and get back to where mplayer et al. work again.
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