June 16th, 2005


Thank you

If you've read my LJ or that of my lady wife, you know that she's off to war this week. Alas, I won't be here for her return, because I'll be slightly west of Peoria at the Renfair that we were both going to be at until we realized that it clashed with Lilies War.

Anyway, since she has the wheels, I've been walking...and I've rediscovered that I like walking (at least in current weather; in the depths of summer when the lows are in the 70s with 99+ percent relative humidity, I might end up going for the Old Folks' mall walk in the morning or evening...).

So thank you, my dear, for making me walk again.

...which, of course, reminds me of that strange movie, Greaser's Palace, a twisted telling of the Gospel in the at least semi-old West. Every so often we see a poor slob on the ground in town, unable to walk. The Christ character sees him and touches him. He tries to get up, but falls...but he finds out that he can now crawl, and heads down the dusty road, crying "I can crawl again! I can crawl again!"

Every so often for the rest of the movie, when the action moves to town, off in the background we see and hear this fellow. (faintly) "I can crawl again!"
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