May 31st, 2005



Tomorrow morning, I go in for a stress test. I'm stressed already.

Meanwhile, home life is about to become hell again. Yesterday, we were about to take several bags of laundry in, when we found a woman we thought was about to leave a space near the entrance. After waiting a while, we found that she wasn't leaving, and that she was parked across the path to the entrance. She was nice enough to move back when asked, and was also nice enough that when I had several bags and some extraneous stuff and was headed for the door, she opened it and let me in. Upon entering along with some stuff and a young girl that I presume is her daughter, I asked if she was moving in. "Yes," she said.

Evidently the guy who leased the condo directly above us to the renters from hell with the daughter who stomped across the floor at all hours of the day and night has rented said condo to this woman. Tonight we're hearing the stomp of little feet, and I can only hope that it will stop at a reasonable hour.
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    "You Drive Me Nervous," Alice Cooper