May 23rd, 2005


If you're interested in technology/gadgets...

...then there are some places to check out.

This Week in Tech is a downloadable weekly conference call with a bunch of folks who once were on The Screen Savers, with various guests. Curious how a few people chatting for an hour can be more interesting than people suffering delusions of talent and humor backed by a TV network (*cough*G4*cough*).

Kevin Rose is putting together a tech how-to show, Systm, viewable online. The first episode will be available at 10:00 p.m. CDT tonight (or an hour earlier if you sign up for their newsletter).

(Speaking of Kevin Rose, good news: he's managed to get out of his contract with G4, and this Friday will be the last time he'll have to suffer through the vile obscenity that is Attack of the Show.)

Check 'em out.
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