May 12th, 2005


News flash from the Department of Redundancy Department

We got back from irpooh's carpal tunnel surgery around 12:15 this afternoon. She is supposed to have someone with her for a day, so I volunteered.

The (local) anaesthesia has yet to wear off, so we don't know yet whether the numbness she's been feeling in that hand is gone. (Were I a theist, I'd be praying.)

As you can tell from her LJ entry, she was pretty darned thirsty afterwards... sucked down one Diet Mountain Dew at the clinic, and is working on another now. This morning she's been reminding me of whichever of Kirkhoff's laws it is that says the total current flow out of a node equals the total flow in. :)

More news as it happens. I think we both want a nap now (and as the official nudger, I'll make sure she has the arm elevated).
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