May 10th, 2005


Money for Nothing...

I'm at a loss for words. Are we talking idiocy, or just detachment from reality in this post over at the DUnce--er, Democratic Underground web site?
National health care would make us a lot more competitive. That's one of the reasons all our corporations are outsourcing. National health care would take about $1,500 out of the price of every car, or better yet, they could keep some of that and use it to do more R&D into better, more appealing, more reliable, more fuel efficient cars.

Where does this person think the money will come from if the government takes over health care? (Not that I think employers should pay for health care; doing that, as a way to get around WWII wage controls, has gotten us in a lot of trouble.) Actually, in a way that's a rhetorical question. Of course, he or she thinks that the government can take it away from those nasty rich people. You know, the ones that invest in things like car companies...uh, wait a minute...
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Blogs...for (the entertainment) Industry!

Well...the "Huffington Post," Arianna Huffington's much-hyped celebrity cluster-blog, is up and going. (Am I alone in thinking "Huffington Post" sounds like Finnegan's Wake meets "The Three Little Pigs"? "I'll huffington post/and I'll hoe your blouse down...")

While we're being literary, I can't help expecting tomorrow to see there "Out upon it! I have blogged three whole days together...and may blog three more, if it prove fair weather." The great thing about blogs is that, unlike the mass media, large numbers of them can coexist and big blogs don't drive little blogs out of existence...but I have to ask myself about the HP, is this blog necessary? Do wealthy leftists really need another place to trumpet their points of view when they own most of the media and have their whims and opinions catered to and trumpeted, respectively, at every turn? And given that easy access to a far bullier pulpit than a web page, will they bother?
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Scary/startling pictures

Back when I was seven, my parents bought the Encyclopedia Americana, along with a ten-volume set of children's literature and a ten-volume set of science books. Each volume of the latter had a full-page black and white photo opposite the title page. The only thing I remember about those books is that Volume 2 had a full-page closeup of a cockroach, and when I blithely opened the book to that page, my seven-year-old self came close to freaking out.

Much later, when the PBS series The Story of English came out, the accompanying book had a full page face shot of Dame Edna Everage in all her glory. I reacted much the way I did to the cockroach photo.

Why, you ask, do I mention this? Because this afternoon on the Drudge Report, there's a headline about an upcoming Rolling Stones tour beneath this photo. I know someone may well have intentionally taken it under the least flattering lighting possible, but... please, let's reach the Singularity before I get to that age, or, to paraphrase Pete Townshend, I hope I get downloaded before I get old.
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