May 5th, 2005


Brief update

(Once upon a time, news shows had introductory music that suggested teletypes and Morse code. Those days are gone...)

We're on Vonage now; if we have broadband, and it works sufficiently often, there's no good reason not to save money by using it. (The cable modem and pertinent boxes are plugged into a UPS.)

irpooh is up for carpal tunnel-related surgery in a week. All good wishes/vibes/etc. are welcome.

She's also now on her own CPAP device...and I get to nudge her to use it the way she nudges me not to fall asleep away from mine.

I'm now on a new BiPAP device, and technology is a good thing. The old one is huge and heavy, and I don't know whether the mask wasn't working quite right or what, but after using the new one for just one day, I didn't nod off yesterday the way I had been (and suspected it was a drug side effect). Thank you, love, for noticing that I was snoring even with the old device hooked up.

OK...I promise a report on the most recent "Last" Chicago CoCoFest soon.
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