April 25th, 2005


New item for wish list...

...the Neuros Audio Computer.

It can play MP3, WMA (spit), and Ogg Vorbis. It can record. The hard drive portion is in a "backpack" that the player proper fits in and which can be separately upgraded. (Right now the 30 GB version looks to be the "sweet spot" pricewise.)

But wait...there's more!

It includes an FM receiver...and if you hear a song you want to identify, you can tell the Neuros to record a bit and, later on, when you connect it to your computer, it will use that snippet to go find out what song it is.

It includes an FM transmitter, so that you can listen to it with your car radio. (It can use the receiver to scan and look for a locally vacant frequency.)

I'm forgetting a bunch of other spiffy features. (Oh, yeah, there's a microphone on it and it can record.)

The firmware is open source.

What provoked this blathering? Finding out about "podcasting," by way of Revenge of the Screen Savers—er, Revenge of These Green Saviors. Basically, a bunch of people from The Screen Savers back when it was good get together over the net and talk for about half an hour about what's new. Check it out.

Cetera censeo G4 delenda est.
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"I'm the king of the world!" .... just ask me.

Back in the days that BBSs were popular, one common sort of BBS user was the kind who took a handle like Lord Doofus, Master of All I Survey... well, except for spelling and grammar. Perhaps such users were the inspiration for B1FF of Jargon File fame.

These days, Lord Doofus and his ilk are prevalent on some message boards; the G4 message boards are a good source. (Are gamers more likely to be Lord Doofus types? I have suspicions, but not enough data.)

I'd long forgotten about Lord Doofus and his ilk, until I happened onto alt.fairs.renaissance. What amazes me is how many of the posters there have extremely long signatures full of self-ascribed titles and memberships in assorted groups. I see some of the same on the message board of a web site for people interested in Renaissance fairs that I frequent. I hasten to add that they're in no way bozos like the Lord Doofus types were, but the common feature of self-awarded titles is interesting, and I wonder whether there is some common cause.

(I guess that's one thing I really like about the SCA; titles are earned by right of arms, skills in arts and sciences, or service to the realm. I have a few SCA awards... that I don't have more or more prestigious ones doesn't bug me, because it's fair. I haven't put out the required effort, and in any case, the award isn't the point—what you've done is the point. Whether it results in an award is irrelevant.)
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