April 24th, 2005



This morning I woke up kind of early. (Something tells me that irpooh would have something to say about that...)

I caught maybe the last half of the CBS broadcast of the new pope's first public mass as pope. Lots of pomp and ceremony, though I did a double take when they played the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

It ended, and the pope rode off in the old Popemobile, without the bulletproof glass windows.

Then, either they just cut back to the infomercial in progress, or someone made a big mistake, because just as if it had been planned, up popped the graphic, perky music, and disclaimer:
The preceding was a paid commercial announcement. All opinions expressed are those of the sponsor.

Then I had a Dave Barry "I am not making this up" moment, as they started into an infomercial proclaiming the benefits of... "yoga booty ballet."

I need to start sleeping later on Sundays.
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irpooh, who used to fix laser printers for a living, looked in the CLP-510N...and found that in panic mode while trying to print labels, I'd moved some lever that presumably released paper...and forgot to, or more accuratly, didn't realize that I needed to by virtue of not realizing that I'd moved it, move it back. Printer fixed...but I still don't know whether we can get it to print labels and such.

(UPDATE: I decided to leave "accurately" misspelled...)
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