April 17th, 2005


A note before crashing...

...back from Elgin, Illinois, location of the fourteenth Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFest.

Saw old friends. Met new friends. Learned a bunch. Had a "senior moment" that lasted way too long, and wasted a friend's time, which bugs the heck out of me. Had another "senior moment" that I can only look at with wry humor.

For the first, and I hope only, time in my life, I intentionally and not under duress bought a computer with MS Windows installed on it... for $35, and I'm sure that MS won't be getting any of that money.

I'm not sure how attendance compares with last year... but it has been proclaimed that there WILL be a fifteenth Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFest next year.

Had a nice chat with folks who couldn't make it... gee, you folks missed out. There IS new stuff being done for this twenty-five-year-old computer. New hardware stuff.

A full report after I've slept.
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