April 11th, 2005


Assorted updates...

Starting Friday night, when we zipped down to Lamoni to hear a very nice, albeit short, performance of some of the works of Hildegarde von Bingen, we saw the dreaded SERVICE ENGINE SOON light come on. All the other indicators looked fine...well, until we saw the oil pressure rather lower than we thought it should be the next day, while we were frantically preparing to go to the event that irpooh gives the saga of. Oy, were we worried.

This morning was a great relief; it turned out to be a hose that wasn't securely fastened. The mechanic didn't even charge for securing it. (Whew!)

More on the laser printer front: life is not so good.

The driver on the Samsung web site gets rid of the pale yellow problem (yay!). Then I tried to print some CD inserts.

I had no luck whatsoever; one form ended up accordion pleated. Others jammed on the second trip through, which they made even though I told the !@#$!@ printer NO duplex. Now, pages come out with a wavy region covering about half the page utterly blank. I am very much afraid that I broke it while pulling the accordion-pleated form out from where it was stuck in the paper path.
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Good news for not-quite-modern monitors

We finally hooked up the Dell monitor that took so long to get here...and boy, is it nice.

It's a Dell P1130. Basically it's a 21" monitor that doesn't take up any more desk area than a 19" monitor. It has two connectors, so that you can switch between video sources. I'm very happy with it, and getting it for $200 US (with shipping included) seems to me to be a pretty good deal.
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