March 23rd, 2005


fun with Mandrake 10.1 Community

I thought I'd try out Mandrake 10.1, since I have the three-CD set from a magazine (LinuxUser). Stuck the first CD in the drive and booted... and got stuck in the "Partitioning" stage. No matter what I do, it barfs after formatting the partitions, complaining that it can't open "/dev/VolGroup00". The partitioning stage shows hda and VolGroup00, but won't let me create any partitions on VolGroup00; I get "lvcreate failed." When I let it create the partitions, I get the same complaint about /dev/VolGroup00.

I can't say that I'm impressed.

UPDATE: Perhaps it was fixed in the Official version...I grabbed 10.1 Official, and it installed with no trouble.
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