March 19th, 2005


Qapla'!...or, the Case of the Vanishing Eighty-Pound Paperweight

OK. Once we had the Ethernet cable connected, the CLP-510N got its IP address. Then all that remmained was installing Samsung's (proprietary, alas) driver. I'd checked the CD that Samsung sent and saw the shell script, so last night I figured I could just put the CD in the drive on irpooh's computer and fire it up...

But when we put the CD in the drive, it showed the same files as on the CD that came with the printer, which did NOT include the driver. Had I done something stupid like leave behind a CD, so that Samsung had sent us two CDs instead of one? My wife assured me that there was exactly one CD in the cardboard envelope.

So...I went to my office, where I'd checked the disk on a computer I have running Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog prerelease, saw the files I needed, and burned two CDs with them for safety's sake. At home, my wife's computer saw the copies, I installed the driver and set up the print queue, and all was well.

This morning I installed said drivers on my Gentoo box, which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do. Life is good. Next step is to get Little CMS installed and get serious about color matching, so we know what we'll get on the printer.

But...what was going on with the CD? My guess is that it's a multisession CD, and for some reason, Fedora Core 3/4 didn't see the same session that the Ubuntu box (and, as it happens, the Gentoo box) sees. It may be that Samsung has it set up in a way that they think will show Windows one thing, Macintoshes something else, and Linux users a third thing, namely the stuff appropriate to the corresponding operating system. For some reason, Fedora Core does something that foils their plan, if it is indeed their plan. I'll be telling Samsung about that...
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