March 10th, 2005


I have to give Samsung some credit....

Their support people are courteous and helpful. A CD that should have a driver is on its way via FedEx Ground.

Now, if they'd just release sufficient info that Open Source drivers could be written for the printer...
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Yet another thing on the wish list

I wish there were a HTML renderer written as an expert system, so that you could look at how your web page is rendered, you could ask it questions. "Why does so-and-so overlap thus-and-such?" and get answers in terms of the W3C standards for HTML and CSS. ("Because X and Y are contained in the same McGuffin and Y has precedence over X; see the Woof manual, section M.N.O, pages m-n, in conjunction with section P.Q, page z.") There are tons of books on HTML and especially on CSS, but nothing that tells you why things work the way they do.

I know; I'm being lazy. It's my itch, and hence I should be writing the code. Ah, well.
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