February 27th, 2005


Now, if they'd just dance to this instead of that !@#$!@ sped-up loop...

Check out some hamster-generated music. OK, that's not quite accurate. They had help from some Markov chains (check out this /. article for details)...but the result is strangely appealing. No offense to Sanford Ponder, whose work I like a lot, but I'm very much remminded of some of the tracks on his Ethosha CD.
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A pathetic shell of its former self

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UPDATE: Found this delicious turn of phrase in this entry in Kevin Rose's blog (he being one of a few people who were kept on from TechTV):
We’ve had a lot of talented hosts as part of the TSS family, and now we have two new additions: Kevin Pereira, and Chi-Lan Lieu.
Now, he may not have meant it as "we've had a lot of talented hosts of TSS, and now we have two who aren't talented," but one has to admire the subtlety and plausible deniability.
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