February 26th, 2005


Scam or incompetence?

Ted Rall, a cartoonist unencumbered by talent or intellectual honesty, has posted a rant about bloggers. At first he thought they'd be a good thing, but when some of them turned out to disagree with him, he changed his mind.

Anyway... he quoted what he called "online comments written by Republican bloggers." At least some of the items quoted are in fact comments on blog entries, which, if the blog is set up to allow it, can be written by anyone. (I've yet to see a blog that requires stating one's political affiliation with one's comment; is Mr. Rall psychic?) Anyway...based on said quotes, he characterizes bloggers on the right as far more angry and violent than their leftist counterparts.

Perhaps he's seen some bloggers' comments on his column, as he's laid down a challenge—email him examples of extreme vitriol on the left, with links (something that, interestingly, he felt no need to provide for the comments he quotes; perhaps he'd rather people not see them in context?). He gives an email address...that turns out to bounce. A followup gloats about the lack of response to his challenge.

So, the question: is that by design, or is Ted Rall just as good with the Internet as he is as a cartoonist?
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