February 25th, 2005


Do you have any property at all? Watch this case...

Kelo vs. City of New London is a vitally important case that is now before the Supreme Court. If Kelo loses, you may not have any property rights at all.

Local governments have taken to applying eminent domain not for the purposes one typically thinks of in that context (for roads and the like), but to put the property seized in the hands of other private parties that the government thinks will generate greater tax revenue. In other words, if the government thinks they can get more money if someone else has your stuff, they'll take your stuff and give it to someone else.

Check out what Professor Bainbridge has to say on the subject, and if you happen to believe in a deity, pray that the city of New London loses.
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This morning, in a /. thread on a librarian's condescending flame of bloggers, I posted this item. Imagine my surprise at seeing, in this entry on Instapundit, the following:
UPDATE: Slashdot readers are comparing Gorman's screed to a bad blog entry.
It's nice to be noticed...at least sometimes.
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