February 21st, 2005


"I feel better now..."

Yay... The weekend, as far as I can tell, went without atrial fibrillation. (I put off doing laundry, after which I was going to reattach myself—but I can definitely feel when it happens without the monitor.) This morning, I in fact did reattach myself, and the monitor is blessedly silent, so it's official. No news is very definitely good news.
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We don't need no steenkin' accent....

Well, actually, I guess they do. But why do TV and movies get them flagrantly wrong sometimes?

The example I find truly amazing is from I Love Lucy. "Lucy.... you got some 'splainin' to do..."

What needs 'splainin' is why on earth Desi Arnaz, a native speaker of Spanish, would intentionally mispronounce "explaining" in a way that a native speaker of Spanish would never do. No Spanish word begins with /sp/ or /st/ sounds. Spain, in Spanish, is "España." Sports is "deportes." The Spanish word for hope comes straight from the Latin spes, but is "esperanza." "I hope," Latin spero, becomes Spanish espero. (Italian, OTOH, can deal with leading /sp/ and /st/ sounds. Heck, it goes English one better, since Italian has words that start with "sd", which you'd never find in English.)

A few years later (at Desilu, curiously enough), someone—perhaps the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself—named George Takei's character "Mr. Sulu"...and "l" is a sound that doesn't exist in Japanese. To give Star Trek credit, Chekov left out articles as a native Russian speaker would in The Wrath of Khan. "But Captain was strong..."
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