February 2nd, 2005


"Duh" postscript....

Yup, it was the power supply. That being replaced, all is back to as normal as it gets, and email is off to the maker of the apparently dead PS. It's the first thing of theirs I've had trouble with. In place of it is now an Antec True Power 330W PS...bummed that I couldn't get a TrueBlue, but not being incommunicado outweighs the vanity factor of having a PS with a bright blue LED.

Now to get back to the various projects that were delayed first by the first morning that I awoke to see the system silent (that I thought might have been a loss of power (and me having that computer not hooked up to the UPS via a link that would let it shutdown in an orderly fashion... yet another lesson learned the hard way)) and now by the flat out death of the PS.

Postscript to the postscript: they're getting smarter about PSs...next time I get one I will be seriously tempted by the models that have connectors on the PS case so that you needn't have ALL THOSE [expletive] wires in the case if you don't need them!
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A quote for a friend...

...who may well have already read it:

"From my experience, in Forth I'm constantly struggling with the problems I need to solve, trying out alternatives, prototyping extensions, laying out tests; while in C I'm just struggling with the code, compiler and environment." —Marcel Hendrix
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