January 12th, 2005


Mother of God, could this be the end of...

Never mind...I don't know whether the CD-R drive is made by Ricoh or not.

Anyway... this morning I'd grabbed ISOs of the Ubuntu "Warty Warthog" install and live CDs, after following a link from distrowatch.com to what was called a new beta Gnoppix live CD (and finding, when I ran it, it gave me an Ubuntu banner and asked me for parameters for installation.

The CD-R is capable of 48x CD-R burning. The media, Memorex so I would think it's decent stuff, claims to be 50x capable. The Gnoppix CD burned fine, but then I started on the Ubuntu install disk...and k3b (or cdrecord that it presumably ran) said something to the effect of "burner or media not capable of 48x. Slowing to 4x."


It took forever. I didn't trust the results, so I tried again. This time it dropped back to 24x.
The Ubuntu live CD I burned from a different stash, though same manufacturer and still rated 50x. It dropped back to 24x, too.

I suppose a stray CD could be out of spec... but three, two being probably from different batches/runs?

I fear that the CD-R drive may be fading away.
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