January 7th, 2005


I'm either too darned honest/nice...

...or too slow on the uptake. I like to believe the former.

Example from today: just now we got a wrong number call. "Is Jenny there?" I replied "I think you have a wrong number, ma'am."

What I realized I should've done, after I hung up: "You might want to try [singing] eight-six-seven-five-three-oh-ni-i-i-ne..."

Example from long ago: a friend and I wandered over to Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma, to where, at the time, Campus Corner Records had set up a branch office. We had split up and were wandering about when someone made the standard mistake of Thinking I Work There.

He explained his purpose to me: he had, in his words, a "hot date" that night, and he had expectations of sex. He wanted music, but feared that Ravel's Bolero was too cliched (which tells you how long ago this was...10 dates back how long? 1979...oy).

What I said: "You might want to try some Tchaikovsky; Romeo and Juliet would be good."

What I would have loved to say to the sleazeball: "Anything by John Cage. Trust me, she'll be ready after listening to Fontana Mix or Imaginary Landscape #1..."
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    "4:33", John Cage