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A bizarre weekend

Home recovery is going nicely... that's work, but it's not bizarre.

What's bizarre is listening to all the people trying to make excuses for Reverend (I hasten to add that I certainly don't revere the guy) Wright's rants and conspiracy theories.

I've listened to radio broadcasts of sermons from black churches. Didn't hear "God damn America" on a single one. The closest thing to that I've seen or heard is the scumbag Fred Phelps, or the right wing preachers who claim disasters are God's punishment for whatever they wish to condemn.

I just hope this doesn't damage Obama enough to keep the Democratic party from self-destructing as the Hildebeast's followers and Obama's followers bash one another. (Hmmm... I'll have to think of something I can title "The Number of the Hildebeast". Maybe something about delegate counts.)

Will we hear from Oprah Winfrey, who attends Wright's church, whether she agrees with her pastor?

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