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Wireless networking update, and The Silence of the Twiggy

Well... I grabbed a Netgear WDA-2320 PCI card, listed as "just working", and it just worked. I'm connected through it as I type this.

I will say this... I thought that throughput was bad at Chase Suites, where it was a bit under 1 Mbit/s, but that was before Guesttek at Studio Plus. We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400Kbit/s. I hasten to add that their service is very good... but the throughput is abysmal. I will have to go looking for web sites that rate hotels for wifi.

The HP LCD monitor we got has built-in speakers, so we tried connecting it to the rear-panel sound output jack (the green one, right?). No luck. Guess I'll have to look at the jumper settings, as I noticed that the manual said a jumper controls whether it goes to the rear panel or to some pins one can connect to a cable to run to the front of the case if you're so inclined. (I've already checked CMOS; the on-mobo sound is enabled.)

UPDATE: double checked the manual and the connector on the motherboard, and no jumpers, so it's expecting a connector going to the front panel, which surprised me, as the case Twiggy was in had no connector there. Guess it wasn't being used in a way that sound mattered.

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