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What's with KDE font rendering on LCDs?

OK. We were anxious to get a monitor last Friday, and as a result got a nice if not huge HP w1907.

It works nicely, it's lightweight (our very first LCD monitor, but it won't be our last), and the results are very good... except on KDE.

The same screen resolution (the LCD's native resolution) for GNOME and KDE. Both have subpixel rendering turned on. Unlike GNOME, KDE wouldn't let me specify the monitor's' dpi, but instead gave me a choice of not specifying it, or choosing one of two values--both wrong.

GNOME looks great. KDE looks, as the saying these days goes, like ass. Move a window full of text across the screen under KDE, and the characters writhe. How characters look depends on their position, with strokes either being far too wide or non-existent. (Yes, I did turn on antialiasing.)

KDE, for all the GNOME fanboys' ranting about having too many options, doesn't seem to provide many at all when it comes to font rendering.

irpooh likes KDE, and I'm sufficiently pissed off about gnome-screensaver that I might move to KDE, especially once KDE 4.something is mature, so I really would like to know how I can keep text from looking totally wretched under KDE.

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