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The Tubador

Long ago, when I went to the Iowa State Fair, walking along by the Cultural Center I would hear a solo tuba player playing and providing his own percussion with a tambourine.

That was The Tubador, and he was a tradition. People would sit in the insanely hot open area enclosed by the Cultural Center (to make sure the least breeze possible came in) to listen to him play standards on a century-old instrument called a helicon.

Eventually, the folks there caught on to the fact that people would listen to live music there, and put up a stage and had an actual schedule. Alas, this past year, the folks responsible for scheduling cut back considerably on the number of the Tubador's performances--that despite his being the guy who demonstrated that people would stop to listen in that furnace of a spot. (The Tubador did fill in for a number of folks who weren't able to make it, and he's even sat in with other acts. I really wish I could have heard him jam with World Port, and he did Concentio Agnorum the honor of playing with us. Darn it, I want to do that again.)

He plays standards, but that doesn't mean his audience is all geriatric. People of all ages come to listen to him, and even to dance.

The cutback in 2007 makes me concerned about 2008. If you are a fan of the Tubador, or are curious after reading about him, I urge you to contact the folks at the fair and ask where and when the Tubador will be playing. The fair contact page has various ways to get hold of them, though of the contacts listed, either General Information or the Blue RIbbon Commission seem the closest to the point, the latter because they deal with fund-raising for improvements and maintenance, so they should be interested in what people want to hear.

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