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I know that I have a common name. For a while post-Jonestown I got a lot of Kool-Aid jokes. I blew most of them off, but occasionally said "Surely you've read my book, From Here to Eternity. " When I was in junior high James Jones, Oklahoma's representative from the district including Tulsa, was fairly significant in the Congressional hierarchy.

My middle initial is "E", so I would occasionally allude to "This... is CNN" or "Luke, I am your father." The best one was the time someone saw me logged on to Delphi as jejones and got all excited... he was chatting with someone from the group Jesus Jones! (Right there, right then!) At least, that's what he thought. Alas, honesty compelled me to disappoint him.

It's good to know that 99.7 percent of people with first name James are male, though it sort of makes me wish Shel Silverstein were still around to do a variation on "A Boy Named Sue".
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