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Two Food Experiences

Yesterday: after attending two friends' son's second birthday party, we headed off for supper to a place one of them recommended. The place: Namaste. It's an Indian grocery store/kitchen. The decor is classic Masonite with holes to hook shelves into, but the food is phenomenal. Vegetarian only, but I didn't fell deprived in any way. They say they're the only place in the Des Moines area featuring food from northern India. I don't know enough to confirm or deny; I just know it's extremely good. The majority of the clientele was of Indian descent.

Tonight, a rather lesser quality experience: we decided to order pizza for delivery, and so I signed onto the Papa John's web site. I was then presented with a blurb saying that they were sorry; the nearest Papa John's establishments weren't open until tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., and wouldn't let me place an order unless it was to be delivered tomorrow. We called one of the two places nearest us, and I got a young woman who offered to take our order for delivery. She asked for our address. I told her...she yelled out to her coworkers "HOW DO YOU SPELL [the rather simple name of the street we live on]?"

I told her about the problem with the web site and said she might wish to call the central office...and was put on hold to talk to the manager. The manager was pleasant and understanding, but when it came to what we wanted, we had the problem that the web site's main page had no link to a menu. I said never mind, and allowed as how it's a bit scary to place an order with a person who couldn't spell the name of the street we live on.

So...we wound up ordering from Northern Lights. (Ironically, from the place whose phone number is one digit off from ours...) No problem, and they have Diet Mountain Dew (a big plus with irpooh).

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